How much do you know about spring yoga?

Many people understand the effectiveness of yoga, but the reason why they haven’t started practicing it lately is because they are afraid they can’t do it.

This is the misunderstanding of yoga.

  Yoga practice does not require the practitioner to make difficult, people feel “incredible” movements. The advantage of yoga practice is that even people with stiff bodies.

Once you have the idea of practicing yoga, you can start immediately. Even if you do n’t complete the posture 100%, in the process of hard work and concentration, you can also stimulate the relevant parts of the body to exercise the effect of physical exercise.

In fact, as long as you reach the limit of your body, it works.

  Therefore, the charm and essence of yoga is that no matter how soft or hard your body is, as long as you experience the changes in the body during the exercise and the feelings brought by this change, use the physical feelings to judge the effect of the exercise.Inner experience to guide exercises is very helpful to your body.

  At the same time, posture practice is not the only part of yoga practice. Yoga practice should pay attention to breathing and meditation while posing posture, these are important factors to guide the body to health.