Marriage has only one belief: never give up

Today, I had dinner with my wife’s helper Mao Mao, but then the words went back to the marriage.

Everyone is thinking. In the current temptation, the divorce rate is increasing, the number of leftovers is becoming more elite, and the number of leftovers is becoming more and more streamlined. If unfortunately, they also fall into the quagmire of extramarital affairs.

  To leave or not to leave?

This is really a question worth considering, and overall thinking about this question puts ourselves on the fire in advance.

However, the ancients said that prevention of the disease has not taken place, so since thinking can be consumed, it is better to “think to eat as meat, take the exam early to prevent burning”.

  After eating a meal, I finally figured it out.

  Marriage is only a belief, no matter what happens, we must not give up.

If you really consider this idea clearly, then no contradiction is irreconcilable, the others are just strategies and means.

And really holding on to the faith of marriage, it is everything.

  At a Western-style wedding, a pastor will always ask this couple who is about to become a couple: “Would you like this woman to be your new wife and live together in the sacred moment of marriage?

Whether you are sick or healthy, only you two are still alive. Are you willing to give up everything else to love her, comfort her, respect her, and keep her?

The newcomer must also answer: “I do.

“Then they will swear their vows before God:” I, accept you as my new wife, hold on to you, all days from today onwards.

Whether rich or poor, sick or healthy, I will love and cherish you according to the divine law of God until death separates us; thus I assure you of my promise.

“Why is there such a moving vow at a Western wedding ceremony?

I have always felt that such vows will not help marriage.

Until one time watching Yi Shu’s novels, the heroine got involved in other people’s families, and really fell in love with the hero.

The heroine is talented, beautiful, and rich, but she is defeated by this vow.

She told the heroine’s young daughter: “I am not a bad person, and you will have love in the future .

“But the little girl was surprised and thought:” He promised to love her forever and never give up before God.

“So that relationship ended without any problems, because the vow of marriage” do not give up “defeated everything.

  Most of the old-fashioned women are like this, and they give an “unswerving” attitude to all issues in marriage. I always feel that their unopened style is due to their incompetence.

But now it is gradually discovered that many old wives are actually very talented, and their attitude towards marriage should actually be the smartest one.

  ”Asking what is love in the world, it makes life and death a promise!

“No one can say clearly about feelings, maybe they are no longer feelings.

The love in marriage seems to outsiders from the past, like boiled water.

However, what the outsiders do not understand is that people in marriage often “except Wushan is not a cloud.” Although finding new people is for freshness, it is interesting that they often return to the old way of marriage after a little, hoping that the new couple can change.Become an old man, sacrifice his old habits.

  Some people say that “the marriage of the iron hits the river”, maybe that’s what it means.

One of my girlfriends could n’t decide where to go after the breakthrough of encircling the third party. One day, after seeing the joyful scene of three people in the family, they felt pained and said, “The old couple is idle or idle, playing with their children.The mouth is not addictive, just as I merged and went in, someone played with a pair of scissors.

… ”It seems that this is indeed the case. The addition of the third party is like adding oil to boiling water. Even if it starts to form a sweet soup because of the heat of the water, it will eventually float alone on the water and be completely cleaned.out.

The cooled boiled water seemed more harmonious.

As long as someone in an iron-married marriage insists on their unwavering adherence, they can defeat everything, and flowing love may happen to any passionate person. Although they are as brilliant as meteors, they are mostly as short as meteors.

  Who doesn’t want a companion who will never give up all his life?

Who wouldn’t want someone in this world to truly understand themselves and care for themselves until their lifetime?

Who wouldn’t want anyone in this world to ask nothing in return, but just to treat themselves with sorrow?

We all hope that there is such a person. If there is such a person, then none of us will let him go.

People share the same heart, therefore, a marriage that is inseparable is an iron-clad marriage.